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Pech River

The Pech river is located in eastern Afghanistan. The Pech River system is fed from glaciers and snow from the Hindu Kush to its north. The river rises in central Nuristan Province and flows south and southeasterly through the center of Kunar Province, joining the Kunar River (Asmar River, Loy Seend) at the provincial capital of Asadabad. The river has numerous tributaries forming valleys on both sides. These include the Chapa Dara, Waygal, Korangal Valley (site of the Restrepo film), Watapur and Sharyak.

In the Pech Valley, Pashto as well as Askunu language is spoken. The Safi tribe of Pashtuns are the majority population in the Pech Valley. The largest settlement is Nangalam, at the junction of the Pech River and Waygal River.

Source: Wikipedia