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6th World Water Forum: “Time for Solutions”

Time and venue
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The 6th World Water Forum: Marseille, France, 12-17 March 2012.

Basic provisions

Official web site

Preparatory Process of the World Water Forum

World Water Forum 2012 - Host Country and City Selected

6th World Water Forum Kick-off Meeting

Principal provisions of IWRA for WWF 6

Mediterranean cross-continental process

7th World Water Forum 2015 – Selection of the Host City and Country

Frequently Asked Questions [pdf, 468 kB]

Concept Note C - Introductions to Priority for Actions and Condition for Success [pdf, 139 kB]

Concept Note D - Technical sessions [pdf, 138 kB]

Concept Note E - Multi-stakeholder Panel and Synthesis Sessions [pdf, 122 kB]

Forum Week Components [pdf, 262 kB]

Reminder on the Solutions collection process [pdf, 517 kB]

Concept Note “Making Commitments and Commitment Day” [pdf, 602 kB]

Other ways to increase the visibility of solutions and of the contributors [pdf, 122 kB]

The Role of Local and Regional Authorities [pdf, 249 kB]

Results of Forum

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Ministerial Declaration [pdf, 664 kB]

Parliamentarians’ Manifesto [pdf, 103 kB]



Highlights of the Asia-Pacific Synthesis and Commitment Session at the 6th World Water Forum [pdf, 36 kB]

Central Asia Cross-Continental Process

Geographical Scope:


Priorities and Targets

Concept Notes

Central Asian Specific Priorities, Targets and Solutions [pdf, 157 kB]

International Conference
Towards the 6th World Water Forum — Cooperative Actions for Water Security

12-13 May 2011, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Report on participation of SIC’s representatives in the Sixth World Water Forum [pdf, 1283 kB]


J. Xia: Proposal on WWC Strategies Plan and 6th World Water Forum Action on Water Supply Management and Water Demand Management

in Russian

Leflet 6th World Water Forum [pdf, 440 kB]

Final Documents of the International Conference “Towards the 6th World Water Forum — Cooperative Actions for Water Security” (12-13 May 2011, Tashkent, Uzbekistan) [pdf, 1,9 MB]

6th World Water Forum: Post-Forum Highlights [pdf, 5,3 MB]