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5th World Water Forum

Bridging Divides for Water. This main theme underlines the geographical crossroads between Europe and Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North and South, but also the conceptual barriers among various water cultures, between rich and poor, between developed and developing regions of the world. The concept of “bridging divides” also implies creating enhanced understanding and improved information exchange between and amongst water users, decision makers, experts and water practitioners, at local, national, regional and global levels. Building bridges for exchange between these contrasting perspectives will provide an opportunity to rise above differences and bring various stakeholders and sectors closer together. Finally, this theme also calls upon the international water community to make concrete proposals so that better management of the resource may contribute to achieving the entirety of the Millennium Development Goals.

The 5th World Water Forum will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, from 15 to 22 March 2009.

  Web site of 5th World Water Forum

Preparatory Process of the World Water Forum

Introductory Note to the 5th World Water Forum Framework Agreement

Framework Agreement for the Organisation of the 5th World Water Forum

Agriculture, Food, Water: Concept note in preparation for the 5th World Water Forum

5th World Water Forum

Thematic issues of the 5th World Water Forum

Official greetings

Programme Framework, Issues, Themes and Topics

5th World Water Forum's Song Sheet

Overview of the Six Major Themes of the 5th World Water Forum

Virtual Meeting Space: User Guide

General instruction for financial support

Remarks on Chairperson’s Paper “Water Management Adaptation Strategies for Global Changes, including Climate Change/Variability” (The 5th World Water Forum Ministerial Process)

Strenghtening the educational response to climate change internationally

Istanbul Ministerial Statement

Istanbul Water Guide [pdf, 479 kB]

Istanbul Declaration of Heads of States on Water

Istanbul Water Consensus [pdf, 219 kB]

Focus on water: press about Forum



First Announcement of the 5th World Water Forum
(summary) [pdf, 574 kB]

5th World Water Forum Political Process [pdf 791 kB]

Second Announcement of the 5th World Water Forum [pdf, 2830 kB]

Second Announcement of the 5th World Water Forum
(summary) [pdf, 706 kB]

Kyoto World Water Grand Prize [pdf, 1410 kB]

Towards to 5th World Water Forum: Reports from Central Asia [pdf, 261 kB]

5th World Water Forum: Top 25 Highlights [pdf, 464 kB]

Central Asia towards to 5th World Water Forum

Report of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Report of the Kyrgyz Republic

Report of the Republic of Tajikistan

Report of Turkmenistan

Report of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Side Event at the 5th World Water Forum “Climate Change, Water Resources Management, Governance and Capacity Building Issues in Central Asia and Caucasus” [pdf, 890 kB]

Report on the participation of a delegation from Central Asia in the 5th World Water Forum

Regional conferences

Central Asian International Scientific-Practical Conference “Climate change, water resources management, governance and capacity building issues in Central Asia”

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, 28-29 May 2008

International Conference on Water Related Disaster Reduction

Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan, 27-28 June 2008

1st Central Asian International Exhibition and Conference devoted to water and to water technologies - WaterTech Central Asia 2008

Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, 16-18 September 2008